Single Camera Strap - Glide - Julius Paul - Moselle Brest

Single Camera Strap - Glide - Julius Paul

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Managing your cameras and photography equipment can be an overwhelming job during tiring events. Let us introduce you NEW Single Camera Strap: designed option for one camera or accessory, handmade using the same high quality leather and provided with a shoulder pad for extra comfort.

This model was developed from the standard version of ALL in ONE, in collaboration with Julius Paul. Together, we improved the aspect, comfort and utility of the standard version which now comes with a sponge for increased comfort, with the glide version for better performance and with an elegant leather easy to match any event outfit. 
Made of real, natural leather, this is by far one of the best camera accessories which brings a lot of advantages and benefits in your work and should not miss any photographer equipment. Handmade using thin, durable leather, strap allows you to have quick access to your equipment and still feel both stylish and comfortable wearing Moselle Brest at any event!

☑️ PERFECTLY ADJUSTABLE, no more size decision needed, perfect for Men and Women!

☑️ "ALL in ONE"? Strap is designed to be easily configured for one camera, two cameras or three cameras. This one comes as a single strap but you can buy the second part and make a double one whenever you want. 
☑️  STABLE and SAFE – new harness is provided with a small belt going under your arm which aim is to keep the strap fix to your body while shooting. 

☑️ PROTECTION – right near the main clasp you will find a special hook designed to  protect against collisions and balance. Using it you can fix the strap, together with the camera, to your body and it will not swing anymore during movement.

☑️ QUICK RELEASE - the main clasp allows you to attach/detach and release it extremely fast.

☑️ GLIDE - easy to gslide the camera on the main belt in order to capture every moment from the perfect angle. No need to worry that the second camera is going to drag you down when you lift the first, strap is designed to stay in place when the other part is lifted.

☑️ QUALITY OF OUR LEATHER - we used on this Strap premium leather which does not transfers color on your bright white shirt for fancy shooting events

☑️ INCREASED COMFORT – this camera accessory comes with a special shoulder pad which makes heavy gear and equipment feel at ease on your body . Moreover, the belt is provided with a sponge on the inside for extra comfort.

☑️ RESISTANCE TESTED - each Strap is tested with a weight of 12 kgf on each side
☑️ SAFETY - we added an additional small safety belt next to the main slider, in case anything happens you will still be attached

☑️ LIFETIME WARRANTY- as you are already used, we offer lifetime warranty for this strap, as proof that our products are best quality option and have a special ingredient: passion included in handmade craft

So, have your equipment close to you while shooting, be relaxed, work with passion, with no worries, let us make your work easier and never forget to do something TODAY that your future self will thank you for!

Improper grip of the camera, which can lead to damage, is the sole fault of the buyer, who is directly responsible for his actions. In this case, the seller is exempt from any liability, of any kind.

PACKAGE INCLUDES ALL ELEMENTS AND ACCESSORIES, ready to use, carefully prepared and packed up, all you have to do is mount your cameras and start shooting!

Package contains:

Camera Strap

x 1 Quick Release Clasp 360˚ with hook included 

x 1 Screw with seal 1/4

x 1 Safety slider for cameras

x 15 Metal Rivets 

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